Resume Writing Tips

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Check for spelling and grammatical errors Use a professional sounding email address Limit text color to black or gray—only use other colors for headings or accents Do not add unnecessary clipart or images Omit high school information unless it is relevant Do not list your GPA unless it is at least 3.5 Use past tense action verbs for… More

10 Tips for Writing an Effective Client Survey

in Development, Project Management

Regardless of whether you are embarking on a redesign project or a new website, one of the most important documents is the client survey or questionnaire.  Many client surveys found online are derived at least in part from Web ReDesign, by Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler.  This is one of the most helpful books that… More

Applying Background Images Using CSS

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A background image can be applied to any element using the following CSS declaration: background-image: url(image name); Shorthand Shorthand background declarations are written as: background: color image repeat attachment position; For example, the following code: p { background-color: #f00; background-image: url(background.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-position: center; } would be written in shorthand as: p… More

Collection of Child Themes for Thematic

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The following sites offer free child themes for the Thematic WordPress theme framework: Able Parris Allan Cole Altamente Decorativo Björn Bendler Chris Wallace Cozmoslabs Design-Notes Hardian Nazief Pat Dryburgh Reflection Media Theme Lab WPLover Did I miss something? Notice a broken link? Let us know about it…

Social Network Services

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The following was presented at SMCC on August 10, 2009:

Google Outage Brings the Internet to a Crawl

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From MVied Designs… As you may or may not have noticed, the Internet ran into a few complications today. Apparently the problem has been linked to an AT&T routing problem somewhere in the Midwest. Some people didn’t experience any problems, while others were unable to access many large websites, most notably, Google. Several other large… More

Weird Twitter Gadgets!

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I just ran across a post on Digg in the technology group about gadgets and devices people have built that interface in some way with Twitter. Quoting from the article: Its (Twitter’s) charm is that its usefulness is entirely open to interpretation – while many just don’t get it (including Google’s CEO), some use it… More

Browser Testing – Past, Present & Future

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The Past… The majority of the development I did in the past was on a PC running Microsoft Windows, mainly XP Pro. As a default set of development tools, I would have the newest version of the different available browsers including Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. This was a great setup for testing in the… More

Don’t be a Whore! 10 Tips to help designers avoid being taken advantage of

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From GoMediaZine… If you’re freelancing or just starting your own design company, you may be in jeopardy of being a whore. That’s right. Some seemingly sweet client may come along, wine and dine you, bend you over the back of the couch, have their way with you – then dump you like last week’s trash… More

The Ultimate Website Launch Checklist

in Development, Project Management

Box UK has posted a handy checklist to assist web developers and project managers when launching a website. The collaborative effort appears as if it is still a work in progress, but documents such as this usually are.