Resume Writing Tips

  1. Use a template if needed and/or review templates to get ideas.
  2. Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  3. Use a professional sounding email address.
  4. Use past tense action verbs for previous job duties and present tense for your current position.
  5. Limit text color to black or gray. Only use other colors for headings or accents.
  6. Do not add unnecessary imagery unless you are a designer.
  7. Be consistent with fonts, spacing, punctuation, capitalization, and other formatting.
  8. Do not list your GPA unless it is at least 3.5.
  9. Omit high school information unless it is your highest education. Never add high school graduation date because it shows your age.
  10. Do not include a hobbies section unless it’s directly related to the position.
  11. Do not list references unless requested and do not add “references available upon request” as this is understood. If references are requested, get permission before adding each reference and never list their home address.
  12. Include your name and phone number at the top of each page.
  13. Name the file using your full name and the word resume.

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