USM is looking for a web designer

Current Job Information

Position: Web Designer
Department: Marketing and Public Relations
Location: Hattiesburg, MS
Posting Start Date: 07/24/2007
Posting End Date: 09/04/2007
Job Type: Regular-Full Time

Job Description: Works within the marketing and public relations office to create effective web sites: design, layout, produce and maintain web sites and pages within the overall site.

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It’s true, I now teach MySpace layouts…

Unfortunately, there are many people addicted to MySpace and, consequently, there are now numerous support groups. You may be thinking that’s kinda funny but I have seen it in my classes…it’s been a big problem…let’s just hope it doesn’t happen to you too.

So why encourage something that is causing people to lose jobs and drop out of school?

The reason is simple…money. Here’s the explanation…

One day I was looking for the White & Nerdy video to show my white and nerdy kids and I came across the White & Nerdy Wikipedia page and started reading (we call this getting sucked into Wikipedia land). From there I ended up looking at both Weird Al and Chamillionaire’s MySpace page, which are both really nice – even by MySpace standards.

I then started thinking…there is absolutely no way that celebrities are “pimping” their own pages…there’s got to be a job market for this. So I searched a couple of the job bank sites and sure enough, there are jobs for people that can pimp a MySpace page!!! Cha-ching!!! Don’t believe me? Go to or and search for yourself.

I created a MySpace profile that very day and now incorporate an advanced layout tutorial in one of my classes. I still do not like MySpace because students waste way too much time browsing instead of doing classwork. Not to mention the horribly coded, inaccessible, incompliant, insecure, poorly structured pages that are enough to give any respectable developer nightmares. It’s so bad that you have to use hacks to create a decent looking profile…and this is allowed and even encouraged by MySpace. But I am willing to live with it since there is potential to make money by doing something that people enjoy enough to end up at myspaceaholics anonymous meetings.

OMG…teenager with a driver’s license

Ashley with driver's license

Ashley passed her driving test yesterday and is now able to cruise the roads from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

This picture was taken yesterday evening as she was leaving for her first adult-free outing as a legal driver. She went to crossroads with a friend.

Little does she know that the GPS unit will go everywhere she does to track her every movement :)

A computer so small, it fits in a wall socket

From Gizmodo

The Jack PC
U.K. firm Jade Integration has unveiled a computer so small, it fits into a wall socket and is powered via Ethernet. The Jack PC, a rival to the smallest PC in the world, can hook up to a standard monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and runs Windows CE, the stripped-down version of Windows often used in portable devices. It comes with up to 64 MB of flash memory and 128 megs of RAM, so don’t expect to play Half-Life 2 on it, but it should be able to handle basic Internet functions decently. There’s no word on pricing yet, but the device gets its official release on June 15th at the IT Works Show in Newcastle.

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Attention all competitive eaters…

I just realized that people without tonsils have the ability to swallow more food at one time. I guess it seems logical with the difference in throat anatomy but who thinks about it? I would have spent my entire life not knowing this fact if it weren’t for my tonsillectomy last week…or what we like to call the meatballs-of-the-throat removal.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad thing for a person with normal eating habits but competitive eaters may want to take note.